Saturday, 11 May 2013

Is the inernet going to turn us into people that are spending time thinking about doing things rather than using that time to actually do them?

Like is it almost as cool to put a picture of a beautiful cheesecake on your pintrest board 'to bake' as it is to actually bake it?

Then there is the unhealthy way that everyone posts pictures as though all they do is have a good time. Like its often enough to think thats what thier life is about yet they don't seem to upload pictures of them when they wake up the next morning? And mop the alcohol off the floor? Unless they bearing their sunnies and off to brunch with the girls of course.

And the amount of time now that we are online rather than doing other things. I'm very guilty of this. Like I probably have checked my facebook about 10 times today and called my mum once. and thats only because it is mothers day.

And here I am posting on the internet about it.