Wednesday, 2 January 2013


Wairangi is my middle name, its the same as my Nan's and niece's. I know that wai means water and rangi- sky. These two words conntate something beautiful... Like a rainbow perhaps, or the horizon where water meets sky although if you look it up in the dictionary you will find it is described with such words as foolish, deranged, hazy and even demented. see here

This is where it gets interesting.

My mum has suffered from mental illness and in the earlier days of this she insisted I was not named wairangi but waimaringi. This does not have any meaning and I never could really change it since it was passed on from my grandmother. Its just a little something I have just pieced together.

Wairangi is still beautiful to me, I'm ok with it. whether I interpret it as seperate words or as crazy, they're both pretty true to me. And well, at least it isn't boring!

Mihitaina Wairangi Riesterer