Friday, 28 December 2012

Feel the Fear, and do it anyway

Right now I am half way into a couple of books posted to me by my thoughtful sister. Bless her. One is the title of this post and to be honest, I feel a little bit embarrased to realise I am reading a self help book as if I ave some massive problem in my life but it really isn't like that. So therefore I am not embarrased but I know what some would think. you get me?

anyway, it has some very valuable lessons. The line I just read which made me write this post is

If you know you can create your own misery, it stands to reason that you can also create your own joy

I guess this could motivate you to make light of the situations you find yourself in that you don't like i.e boring retail job- why not take along your own music make some goals that will get you recognised, be truthful and helpful etc


change your job all together!

and when I opened by browser to post this I also had this great haircut open

come back hair!